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Mobile phones have become our never losing companion. We use it every day for almost all kinds of tasks. From communicating with people to guiding us along a route, it serves us everything. So it is very necessary to get the perfect accessories for our devices to make our life easier. Here is a list of 5 accessories that are super important for your mobile phones.

Who doesn’t like to listen to music. Music is the ultimate healer and if you are a regular listener you would have surely come across the most common problem that is the wires getting tangled and getting broken. But there’s always a better option we can switch to. The BlueTooth earphones solve this problem. You can easily listen to hours of soulful music in just a single charge. Moreover, it even looks stylish over the old wired ones.
Another important accessory to add to your list are Powerbanks. You use your phone 24X7 so it’s obvious that it is going to die out gradually but you can increase its life with a very handy tool known as Powerbank. This is very important if you are a frequent traveller and want to charge your phone on the go. You can choose the different capacity of Powerbanks ranging from 10000mAh - 20000mAh depending on your needs.
This accessory is the ultimate solution for those who love to listen to music through wired earphones while jogging. As the name goes this accessory is worn on your arm. Almost all of us would have faced this problem of our phones in our pocket moving to and fro while running. This surely causes some problem and that’s where Armbands come into action. You can put your phone in these armbands while running. These are even waterproof so you need not worry about the sweat while running.
A V R headset also known as Virtual reality headset is a head-mounted device. These VR headsets are only compatible with mobile devices that have a gyroscope in them. It is sure to give you a theatre-like experience at the convenience of your house without spending heavy money on movie tickets.
These are very handy devices that are connected to your mobile phones through BlueTooth.Being connected to the Bluetooth you can get the notifications of your mobile in realtime. Smartwatches have now become a new trend. Apart from telling you the time these watches also give you analytics of your daily physical work such as calories burnt, steps walked and many more things.
This is another important phone accessory. In Fact, this is the first accessory that most people buy with their phones because no matter how carefully you use your phone there are always some chances of it getting slipped from your hands and getting broken. A good screen guard will prevent your phone from shattered displays and a good Phone cover will prevent it from broken panels. Nowadays many phone companies have started including phone cover in the device’s box but if you don’t get it free then it’s always better to buy it.

I hope this blog gives you an overview as to which accessory to choose for your mobile devices. There are hundreds of accessories that can be included but here I have covered some very important accessories. If you find this blog useful then do share it with others.

If you are getting confusion for selecting the option of mobile repair or resell then we will help you out to get the best solution. Whenever your phone is broken and you don’t have insurance for the same, you will panic and get distressed for taking the further step for resolving the issue or go for the new phone.

This is the most common thing that people must think about when they are comparing the price. If mobile replacement price is costing 5000 INR and mobile phone repair cost is reaching 1000 INR then the repair can be the best option to opt-out. Phone value should also be considered while comparing the price from the many websites which are offering the best price for the new phones or giving a good money price for reselling the phone. If repair charges are higher than the core value of the phone then you must go for replacing it. Always you should compare both repair and replacement costs for moving ahead with the decision.

Sometimes, this option might not work then you can go for the below other options for easiness.

  • Phone Age Mobile phones with the long term years old can have issues with the software compatibility with the generation changes. If you estimated the high cost of repairing the phone for updating the software only then it cannot be worth the money and waste of money too. COnsider the past repair of your phone too for using it ahead. If you have done more than three repairments of your phone in the past then it’s time to resell your phone rather than to repair it.
  • Offset the Cost of a New Phone There are lots of people out there willing to pay for the broken devices. see your nearest phone repair shops and know what proportion you may make by selling your broken phone. Even some of the money can go an extended way in offsetting the value of a brand new device. this can be very true if you're ready to get a decent deal on a refurbished phone.
    Without your phone can you survive?
    Yes, it is true that mobile phones are an essential part of people’s life and people can’t live without phone devices and especially without social activity. When you are giving your phone for repair, it is not fixed that when your phone will be back to you as sometimes it takes more days and time for repair. If you can survive without your phone then repair is the best option to choose from. Rather than if you can’t keep calm without your phone then the repair option will absolutely be going to fail.
  • Upgrade with the compatibility There are several ways to upgrade your life. One of the best options is to upgrade with the technology. If your phone does not have the latest compatible features and you are unaware of the new technologies then it might cause some unawareness. If your phone is broken then it is the best time to upgrade with the new phone features. And if you are not ready to buy a new phone then refurbish your phone with the latest available features with the same phone available only.

We hope this article will help you to get out of the confusing situation which you face with your broken phone.